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What in tarnation are wax melts?

by Plaid Stallion on August 27, 2021

Generally speaking, wax melts are scented candle wax that is poured into plastic containers. The wax is usually rectangular shaped, and once hardened, is able to be broken into smaller chunks and placed onto a heating source. As the wax is melted, the fragrance is released into the surrounding air, providing a similar effect to a lighted wicked candle, but without the flame. 

Wax melts can come in many different shapes and sizes, but fundamentally all achieve the same result: producing amazing fragrance without a flame. The most common type of wax melts you can find out there are in brick form. These bricks can be snapped and broken into six individual square cubes. Some manufacturers sell wax melts in little 1oz or so portions, in a little cup with a lid. The wax melt pops right out of the cup and can be placed directly into a wax warmer. These are especially good for sampling scents from a wax melt producer without committing to an entire brick. Another form of wax melts one might see out there is in “brittle” form. The wax is poured and cooled on a flat surface, and then broken up into chunks that resemble the holiday treat. There are countless styles, shapes and sizes of wax melts available, but at the end of the day, they all attempt to do the same thing. 

Wax melts can be especially handy in situations where a flame-lit candle might not be appropriate, or able to be monitored continuously. Places like college dorm rooms, the office, and motor homes are great places to use wax melts in place of a traditional candle. Warmers as well come in all different shapes, sizes, and wattages.