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Wax Melt Scenter Stage - Tack Room

by Ryan Keith on March 02, 2023

“New saddle on its rack, bridles on their hooks, a pair of boots on the floor. The deep smell of tanned leather fills the room. For some, it's an everyday experience, for others, it's reminiscent of a time they look back on and love. The smell is unmistakable.” 

Tack Room is one of our longest running and most popular scented wax melts that we sell. For those looking for a genuine leather scent to fill the air of their space, this is that scent. Our Tack Room leather scent doesn’t have the chemical smell most people dislike with our leather wax melts, it just smells like leather and that is it. Our leather wax melts also last, which is important when purchasing scented wax melts. You actually want them to last, and Tack Room definitely does. We do make a Tack Room leather scented room spray as well. Our room sprays are perfect to distribute that same loved leather scent throughout an area without a readily available wax warmer. 

When we first started pouring wax melts many years ago, we searched high and low and tested tons of fragrance oils to find the most perfect leather scent, as we wanted it to be the foundation of our wax melt business.  

Tack Room makes a perfect gift for that guy or gal who is equine everything. It is also a perfect scent to use in a retail setting. Really amplify that true leather scent for customers entering your store. Whatever the case may be, Tack Room leather scented wax melts are a true loved scent here at The Plaid Stallion.